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Büsum 2010 mit meinem Leihrollstuhl
Büsum 2010 mit meinem Leihrollstuhl



In 2009 he has announced me then by a Schnellfahr-taster course in Büsum.
It should will try out. If it makes good fun - when it makes good no fun - then also.
I can say You: It has totally given a lot of pleasure.
The trainer's team Heini and Gudrun Köberle has taken to itself big trouble me in them
" To initiate secrets of the quick driving" and to me a lending racing wheel chair provided.
Since him I drive racing wheel chair. Every year I go I to several courses around with other racing wheel chair drivers to be able to train.

For 2 years I am a proud member in the team "Rio shouts".
Besides, it concerns a project of the department of Athletics of the DRS to the promotion of young people, which of
of the company Invacare is promoted and under the direction of the trainer's team Heini and Gudrun Köberle stands.

Since 2010 I take part in the following competitions:
- Land masteries in North Rhine-Westphalia
- To international German masteries
- International sports party of the disabled persons in Wilhelmshaven
- To street runs

In winter I train 2-3mal per week on my rolling state and 1x per month the land association offers me the possibility

to train in the hall.
I must add one of course here: Without my parents this would not go!!
The lower picture shows me in my own racing wheel chair. I have got him in February, 2014.

Hier bin ich in meinem neuen Rennrollstuhl
Hier bin ich in meinem neuen Rennrollstuhl

Qick driving course from Rio ruft -Team March 2015

Qick driving course from DBS in 2015 at the sports college in Cologne:

DasBild ist von Stefan Brendsahl gemacht
DasBild ist von Stefan Brendsahl gemacht

Internaltional German Masters Berlin from 19.-21.06.2015

I am this year with my father completely already is relaxing on Thursday was arrived, because on Friday already the first preliminary heat was attached for 100 metres.
Now Yes the preliminary heat was not necessarily necessary, because I with my damage class anyway in the course of the open class
go and thereby always only one run with at most 6 drivers comes about.
Then Saturday immediately started with 1500 metres. Because I the only T33 driver am have me flatly alone give up. Really!!: The weather coldly and wet; then still only about the clock fight.
I have concerned of course once more too fast the first round and then had to fight in the last-round quite a lot.
But: However, at the end I was better about 7 hundredths than the last year! Hey, that is European record improves.
And, however, against the rules there was a gold medal - nevertheless, goes!

Then gind it with 400 metres farther:
4 starters: with two ones my father immediately knew, they are too quick, this already said the start class.
But with the warm driving he had observed the colleague from Finland.
"You could pack him, but then you must give everything" he has said.
Thus my father saw the run:
Starting signal - Really got away Denis - is quick to him!! - yes, yes, - he creates this - the second curve, now he is with him on a height - yes, he moves vorbeiiiiiiii, "Really Denis - you create this - ziehhhh" - yes, yes, - Being this a great run!!
This is a time less than 1:30 min. of insanity!!
Then 100 metres:
It had rained before. Ähhh. The complete headwind on the distance.
Only three starters medallion securely - but the time is enormously important. 100 metre times is same for the fulfilment of quotas
because of world championship, Olympia or cadres importantly. It should lie with about 20. 20 sec.
What I should say: All together a very slow run - everybody were thus around 2 seconds behind her best times.
So also I with 23. 35 sec.


200 metres on Sunday:
These were only 3 starters again, this time the Portuguese has not come.
But the colleague from Finland which I can maybe hit.
However, in the start I got away too badly, the Finn was strong. I have fought and got closer. I heard the Anfeuerungsrufe - I struggled further come on. Ups,-----there was already the Ziellienie. However, "only" 3rd.
Dad means: a good 3rd because I would have fought thus!!
The time has also been quite good with 44. 24. If new record can not always be.
Nevertheless, it was this from Berlin, was a successful week-end, or?

Rio ruft - course in Kienbaum 04.09.-06.09.2015